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“The energy that destroys is also the energy that creates”.

The Phoenix, 2020

Sanika Pandit

“It is the exploration of curiosity that creates the new, the unchartered, the original and, that which we call magic. Mixtures of colors can go beyond rule-based color choices”.

Messy Magic, 2020

Sanika Pandit

Where philosophy marries art.

“Original art can be accessible, functional, affordable and inspirational – all at once” – Sanika Pandit.

What makes art meaningful? Meaning is absolute – it’s made by you.

Anything can be art. Life is art. You are too.

For us, art is free expression. It’s explorative and imperfect. It’s useful for conveying that, which is not communicable through words.

This gallery displays the artworks of Sanika and Chaitanya Pandit – siblings who engage in creative pursuits together.

If you like any of our art, we can print it on anything you like – decor (eg. framed wall art), tableware (eg. mugs, plates), clothes (shirts), other everyday use items (eg. tote bags, mousepads, diary covers).

We are open to accepting commissions for custom artworks.

Stay tuned for exclusive offers!

The online store is being set up. Coming soon.